When to visit Brisbane as a tourist

There are many reasons why tourists from Australia and elsewhere are visiting Brisbane the capital of the state of Queensland and one of the largest cities in Australia. Some tourists are interested in the culture, heritage, nightlife, shopping, gastronomy, sports, recreational activities, arts and entertainment in Brisbane, while others may be interested in the wildlife and natural parks of the city and surrounding areas. Hence based on the events calendar of Brisbane, when to visit Brisbane will vary for each tourist, since various cultural events and festivals are scheduled at different times in the year.


There are also many tourists from outside Australia who visit Brisbane to escape the extreme weather conditions in their home city or country. Like most cities in Australia which are located in the Southern hemisphere, the weather conditions in Brisbane are in direct contrast to the weather in the northern hemisphere during the same period. So during summer in May and June, the temperatures in many tropical areas of Asia are very high, and many tourists from Asia will visit Brisbane where the weather is pleasant. Similarly during December and January, it is very cold in North America and Northern parts of Europe, while it is summer in Brisbane, so there are tourists from Europe and North America


For tourists visiting Brisbane, travel, lodging and food expenses are likely to be the major expenses. Many tourists, especially younger tourists have a limited budget, so they would like to find out when hotel rates are less so that they can save money. Statistical data indicates that there are fewer visitors to Brisbane during the summer in December, January, when the weather is hot. Tourists can save even more money by booking a serviced apartment like Capri by Fraser hotel residences in Brisbane, which can accommodate a group or family. Hence based on the reason why they wish to visit Brisbane, the tourist can choose the most suitable period and can stay in Brisbane long term accommodation.

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