What Is Van Racking?

You may go professional with your racking, obtaining an entire system in one move; or you may go DIY and just build it yourself. Normally, van shelves are made of either wood or aluminium.

Aluminium shelves are super light-weight, which makes it the number one choice for specialist van interiors. But aluminium shelving systems are somewhat expensive and not necessarily the best choice.  You can always look around to find vans shelves and racks.

Aluminium shelves can be adjustable or welded into position .

Steel racking is less expensive than aluminium without compromising on durability. But it’s extremely heavy. Normally, steel is 10-15% heavier than aluminium. Steel racking is more elastic than aluminium or timber, which is an absolute plus when buiding in a van. Should you use your shelvings to shop quite heavy materials or equipment, steel is your best option.

Wood racking can, as always, be customized to your tastes entirely, which makes it the ideal material for a made-to-measure van construct.

Material choice is essential, since using heavy materials may add up to 33 percent to your fuel intake.
How much weight can a van take?
Generally, cargo vans can take around 500 – 800kg. Everything under 500kg shouldn’t bother you. But each kilogram adds to your fuel consumption, especially when you go 500kg and up.
What timber to use for racking out a van?
Want to go with wood? Great. It looks better anyway, or so I think (I’d always prefer wood over steel with interiors).
Racking is mostly done with 1 or 2″ ply. Not too heavy, sturdy enough to take a bump.

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