Turning Green into Gold

Cleantech Ventures and Cleantech Network LLC (USA) have co-authored a benchmark report representing the first-ever comprehensive analysis of cleantech venture capital, buyouts, merger and acquisition and IPO activity in Australia.

Cleantech Ventures is a specialist venture capital fund manager focused on investments in companies developing clean technologies.

Cleantech, or Clean Technologies, are technologies which generate superior commercial benefits to customers whilst simultaneously addressing significant environmental concerns such as global warming, water scarcity, water quality and waste. These technologies include renewable energy, energy storage, biofuels, cleaner fossil fuel processes, water purification and waste water treatment, recycling, energy efficiency, pollution reduction and advanced materials (including nanotechnologies).

Clean technologies are emerging as the enablers of the modern industrial society, the next and necessary wave of venture innovation in a natural resource constrained world. While the environmental benefits of clean technologies can be significant, the primary drivers for investments in them are the commercial advantages offered by the technologies to underpin their successful commercialisation and quality returns for investors.

Australia has a strong technology and R&D skills base through universities, CSIRO, Co-operative Research Centres and industry and is recognised globally as being a centre for innovation, punching well above its weight on the world stage. Significant opportunities exist for new technologies that provide solutions to the worldwide structural changes that are under way to address global warming, water scarcity, water quality, waste and pollution.

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