Oceanlinx is developing a wave energy converter for near shore applications that harnesses both the upward and downward motion of each wave to produce electricity and/or fresh water through desalination. An innovative variable pitch blade turbine (Denniss-Auld Turbine) adjusts to the changing air flow direction created within a concentrator chamber.

Cool Energy


Cool Energy has developed a new cryogenic gas ‘sweetening’ technology which safely removes carbon dioxide and other contaminants without harming the environment. Its cost effectiveness compared to encumbent gas ‘cleaning’ technologies and its scalability will allow production of gas fields that were previously avoided because they were too small, too remote or too contaminated. At large scale the technology may be a perfect replacement for gas pre-treatment for major gas production and processing sites.



The MIGfast product is a novel consumable welding contact tip that provides significant benefits in energy efficiency, welding productivity, weld quality and fume reduction. The patented welding tip has been designed to be interchangeable with existing welding tips to allow simple and cost-effective take-up of the new technology.

Active Reactor Company


The Active Reactor is an electronic device designed to continuously control the power supplied to High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps – typically used for street and major road lighting. The controller includes an electrically controlled injector to manage power to the lamp based on lamp voltage, the supply voltage and lamp current. Benefits are energy savings of 15% to 25% and a significant increase in lamp life.



Hardwear has developed ‘In Situ Laser Surfacing’ technology which reduces the cost and time to repair of power station turbine blades. The technology brings high strength turbine blade repair on site at power plants, overcoming the need to remove blades from the turbine and send them off-site for repair, significantly reducing downtime.

Ecoult (Smart Storage Pty Ltd)


Ecoult technology is a hybrid battery combining a ‘supercapacitor’ and a lead-acid battery in a one-unit cell as a cost effective and high performance electricity storage solution for off-grid renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.  The technology is based on the CSIRO developed ‘ultrabattery’ which has been successfully trailled in hybrid vehicle applications.

Nu Energy


Nu Energy specialises in renewable energy system design, supply, installation and the introduction of new technologies for grid connected and remote area solar residential and commercial systems.

AquaSpy Group

http://www.aquaspy.comAquaSpy Group (previously Agrilink Holdings) have developed a range of next-generation water saving devices including soil moisture and weather sensors for agricultural and turf industries using technology that closely monitors water usage and weather conditions to ensure crops, turf and plants are only watered when needed.


http://www.vfuel.com.auV-Fuel’s Vanadium Bromide Redox Flow battery is a grid-scale energy storage system which represents a significant development over other redox flow batteries. Improved materials, solutions and membrane design aim to deliver twice the energy density allowing energy from wind and solar power sources to be stored and released into the transmission grid when needed.

Worldwide Coatings

Worldwide Coating’s “TAG” technology is an innovative new material that acts as one-way insulation – blocking heat transfer in one direction and allowing heat to transfer in the other. When added to paints and other materials TAG protects against high ambient temperatures but allows heat to escape when the temperature of the equipment is higher than the ambient temperature. Key applications are in roof coatings and the power equipment sector.

Renewed Fuels

Renewed Fuels is developing a pyrolysis technology to process specific high volume waste streams in the paper manufacturing industry converting them to process heat and char by-products, and avoiding landfill environmental issues and disposal costs.

Ember Technologies

http://www.emberet.com/Ember Technologies has developed a novel power-sensing and controlling technology aimed at eliminating standby power consumption in homes and offices.

Viva Blu

http://www.vivablu.comViva Blu Pty Ltd is commercialising a water purification technology that negates the use of chemicals and reduces energy consumption compared to competing technologies. Viva Blu utilises a patented nano-photocatalysis technology to reduce organic molecules and resistant pathogens as the final purification step in municipal and industrial water treatment plants.

Altaus Pty Ltd

http://www.altaus.com.auA patented high output vertical axis wind turbine for small to medium scale commercial and domestic renewable energy applications.