Overhead Electrical in Sydney

Overhead electrical service is the supplier of electricity in most households and enterprises in Sydney. Overhead power lines can endanger our lives, and that why a level 2 electrician should install them.


The overhead electrical supplier in Sydney has electricians who are certified and highly skilled in the handling of overhead lines and underground lines.


If you are a homeowner or business person and you are in search of overhead electrical service, you should not hesitate to call us since we have level 2 electricians who are certified in electrical matters. Besides installation, we offer other services such as metering.


We also provide the following services.

  • Repair of damaged overhead electrical lines
  • Overhead electrical service requires to be replaced if there are issues that require to be rectified:
  • Damage resulting from UV
  • Trees close to the overhead electrical lines
  • Nonfunctional wires and bare copper
  • Damaged connection box at the point it is connected to the house
  • Cables that are below the recommended heights


Overhead Power Line Services


We can handle all the jobs irrespective of their sizes. We are confident that the services we offer are of high quality, and we take the shortest time possible to complete any task assigned.

If you require any of our services, you should not hesitate to call us.


We provide our customers with all installation services such as power pole, meter box, service line, among others. We are capable of installing any electrical service for you from the start to the end.


Other power line installation services are:

  • Newer power lines
  • Temporary power lines
  • Services not exceeding 400 amps
  • Fascia and riser brackets installation
  • Relocation of overhead that has been in existence
  • Disconnection and reconnection during the replacement of gutters or fascia


If your gutter or fascia is malfunctioning, you can reach out to us to cut overhead connection service and reconnect once you are done with replacement.

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