Never Lose Another FPS Game Due to A Sub-par Mouse

First-person shooter [FPS] games are extremely fun to play and have grown exponentially in popularity over the last few decades. As with anything, practice and experience will improve skill level as you stick with it. Almost every gamer on a mission to improve needs to identify and overcome plateaus in their gameplay. Often, they are limited by crucial factors, like the mouse they are using to play.

A Razer Deathadder Mouse

Losing is never fun, especially if you are competitive. What if you are losing some games simply because your mouse isn’t up to par with your opponents? Ideally, you need the best possible gaming experience on your PC to give you the advantage over your first-person shooter competition.


FPS games are extremely high paced and usually, gameplay is much faster than any other gameplay type. Every single millisecond counts when you’re competing in FPS gaming. That’s why it’s extremely important to have high-quality mouse performance.

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There are numerous factors that contribute to a serious gaming mouse.


Grip and Size

Two characteristics that are essential to a great performing mouse are grip and size. To effortlessly make quick movements and commands with your mouse, it needs to comfortably fit into your hand. It doesn’t matter what specs a mouse has if it is simply too big or small.


There are three main grip categories in gaming mice: claw grip, palm grip, and finger grip. Roughly 50% of the gaming mice manufactured are considered palm grip because it’s most common and natural amongst gamers.


Dots per Inch

When checking out gaming mice specs, DPI (dots per inch) is a performance metric you want to see a high score in. DPI is the number of screen pixels the cursor moves per inch. Some say the higher, the better, but ideally, the DPI should suit your screen size and resolution. A larger screen with higher resolution will need a higher DPI, whereas a smaller screen with lower resolution, may have a lower DPI but still perform optimally.

Sensor type

All mice use a sensor to translate your physical commands (clicks and cursor movements) into actions, almost instantly. Typically, this is done with an optical sensor or a laser sensor. Both mouse sensor types use little cameras that project an image of the surface or mouse pad. Optical mice use LED as a light source, while laser mice use laser light to do so. In general, laser mice have higher DPI than optical mice.


It’s a fact that gaming mice with higher DPI perform better than a standard mouse for FPS use. At the same time, the mouse is just an extension of you and your gameplay. As your skills improve it would benefit you to have higher sensitivity and precision in your cursor movement.


By upgrading the mouse you are using, you will increase efficiency and get a slight edge you didn’t have before to win more games. Precise aiming and timing are critical when you’re trying to pick off enemy targets. Precision is the most critical factor in a gaming mouse for first-person shooters.


Also, it’s common for these mice to come equipped with additional buttons at your disposal, as well as internal memory storage to save the functions you attribute to those buttons. Without the proper gaming mouse, you will be at a disadvantage in cursor surface speed, responsiveness, and hot key customization.


One of the best and most highly recommended gaming mice is the Razer DeathAdder Elite mouse. It has up to 16,000 DPI, a 5G optical sensor, over 99% resolution accuracy, and 7 buttons. Besides amazing speed and precision, it feels great in the hand for both palm and claw grippers. It’s considered one of the most popular gaming mice of all time and for good reason.


With the performance metrics discussed above in mind, consider this mouse because it’s an overachiever in all areas. It has more engine than you’ll ever need for speed and a tremendous optical sensor for top-notch precision.


If taking your FPS skills to the next level is important to you then you need the proper gaming mouse. It’s time to see what you’re capable of using the right gaming equipment. Whether you are picking enemies off from long-distance or trying to win a gunfight in a phone booth, you need to be first and fast. Never lose another FPS game again due to a sub-par mouse.

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