Funds under management – CEGT Fund

Cleantech Ventures manages the CEGT Fund on behalf of the Centre for Energy and Greenhouse Technologies (CEGT).

The CEGT Fund is a pre-seed / seed fund that focuses on investments in new sustainable energy companies, particularly those whose technologies are at the development to demonstration stage.

To be eligible for investment consideration the technology must fall into one or more of the following categories:

  1. Technologies that increase efficiency/reduce GHG emissions of energy supply from fossil fuels (including natural gas)
  2. Technologies for new methods and increased efficiency in renewable energy
  3. Technologies that increase energy efficiency
  4. Technologies for the geosequestration (capture and storage) of carbon dioxide emissions
  5. Enabling technologies that store, condition and control output from energy sources and optimise transmission for grid connected and distributed energy applications
  6. Technologies that improve energy efficiency in water storage, reticulation, consumption and sewage treatment.
  7. New or improved (advanced) materials and processes that facilitate any of the above.

Full details of eligibility criteria and an overview of the investment process can be found on the CEGT website Investment Process section.