DYI Printer Fixing – Fast

Here Is What to do If your printer does Not work:

  • If you find one, that is probably the issue.
  • Check in the printer to get a paper jam.
  • If you see paper below the platen or roller, then unplug the printer.

Pull the paper

Some printers have a manually operated paper discharge; check the guide to find it. Moreover, there might be more than 1 sheet jammed, so be certain that you get each and every page.

Examine the configurations in the printer software and the drivers. If anything has changed, change it back to the original settings.


Clean and lubricate the printer based on instructions in the manufacturer’s manual.

If you can not find the booklets, take the printer to the computer shop or go there yourself and ask questions. Usually, you will find knowledgeable staff, or someone at the service section can give you a hand.


Delete your latest print commands.

Reboot the computer: Switch it off for 10 to 15 seconds and then restart it.

After restarting the computer, you may find a pop-up which asks whether you would like to cancel the jobs waiting to be published or try again.

Do not worry that the printer did not get the control; once is sufficient.

The computer does not even need to be powered on. You can do this with each printer. The self-test isolates the issue to the printer and compels a printout which supplies a list of the printer’s current configurations and options, revealing all of the print density and quality attributes.


Ink-jet and bubble-jet printers have printer heads that go back and forth as jets of ink create rows of dots which assemble images on the paper. Laser printers have a light-emitting diode (LED) that flashes rows of lights off and on to the printing drum; such as copiers, there is no ink involved, only toner.  The above tips are great for people who want to lease a printer for their small business.

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