What Is Van Racking?

You may go professional with your racking, obtaining an entire system in one move; or you may go DIY and just build it yourself. Normally, van shelves are made of either wood or aluminium.

Aluminium shelves are super light-weight, which makes it the number one choice for specialist van interiors. But aluminium shelving systems are somewhat expensive and not necessarily the best choice.  You can always look around to find vans shelves and racks.

Aluminium shelves can be adjustable or welded into position .

Steel racking is less expensive than aluminium without compromising on durability. But it’s extremely heavy. Normally, steel is 10-15% heavier than aluminium. Steel racking is more elastic than aluminium or timber, which is an absolute plus when buiding in a van. Should you use your shelvings to shop quite heavy materials or equipment, steel is your best option.

Wood racking can, as always, be customized to your tastes entirely, which makes it the ideal material for a made-to-measure van construct.

Material choice is essential, since using heavy materials may add up to 33 percent to your fuel intake.
How much weight can a van take?
Generally, cargo vans can take around 500 – 800kg. Everything under 500kg shouldn’t bother you. But each kilogram adds to your fuel consumption, especially when you go 500kg and up.
What timber to use for racking out a van?
Want to go with wood? Great. It looks better anyway, or so I think (I’d always prefer wood over steel with interiors).
Racking is mostly done with 1 or 2″ ply. Not too heavy, sturdy enough to take a bump.…

Are Portable CCTV Cameras Effective?

The best alarm system for your home makes life safer and more comfortable without breaking your budget or feeling overly complex, but how do you choose one?

Ask yourself a few questions before you begin shopping:

  • How do I wish to install it?
  • How large is my residence?
  • What’s my family’s routine?
  • What’s my budget?

The answers to these questions can let you know what type of features you would like, together with the best way to set up, and how large of a system you require.

Before choosing one kind of house security system, ask yourself what you wish to protect. Would you like a nanny camera for your small ones or monitors to grab leaky pipes? Security systems do more than simply keep intruders out of your dwelling. They are also able to communicate with your children when they get home from school or inform you if that Amazon package came.  We highly recommend IDetect’s portable CCTV camera.

The perfect equipment package, payment program, and attributes for you depend on what you would like to do with your system. In the current market, there are 3 major types of security system packages available: home automation, safety equipment, and environmental monitoring.

Smart technology adjusts to your family’s schedule and preferences. Home automation can keep the lights on as you are out of town or allow the dog walker while you are out of the home.


Security Gear

Classic home safety devices such as burglar alarms, glass break detectors, and outdoor cameras are useful if you are concerned about problems like intrusion, theft, or vandalism.

Equipment like smoke alarms, pipe freeze sensors, and flow detectors fall into this class. Families with older homes, particularly, should search for devices in this class.…

Sydney Tourist Destinations

Sydney is a beautiful place to spend the holidays. It is famous for its exceptional beauty and some of the main attractions are the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge. The city has beautiful markets and restaurants. Historic buildings and art galleries are scattered everywhere.

Flights to Sydney are provided from many places in the world. Tour operators offer impressive packages for holiday visitors. The packages include flight and hotel reservations. In addition, tourist visits and travel insurance are added as an incentive.

Sydney is an amazing city with a wonderful atmosphere. Elizabeth Bay House is a good example of a historic building. The place is located near the port of Sydney and is managed by the Historic Houses Trust. The interiors recall the 19th-century lifestyle. They include a large dining room, living room, library and living room. The upper floor includes the morning room, the service room and the large rooms.

Travel to Sydney to enjoy the hospitality and immerse yourself in an incredible view. Elizabeth Farm is a must for travellers due to its status as the oldest European building in Australia. The Australian wool industry has its beginnings here. The place is a modern museum and several objects belonging to the Macarthurs are present here. Furniture, paintings, pavements, etc. They are part of the museum. John and Elizabeth Macarthur have earned the label of the pioneers of the wool industry in Australia.

The Australian Museum is internationally recognized for its exhibitions. The museum runs many community programs and participates in aboriginal studies. The Australian aboriginal exhibit shows the fascinating nature of aboriginal Australia. The other exhibitions have skeletons of birds, mammals, reptiles, etc. You can also see specimens of dinosaurs and learn more about Australian biodiversity.

The NSW Art Gallery is another of Sydney’s main attractions. The great works of art are exhibited to the public and the exhibits emphasize Australian art. The Australian and Aboriginal collection shows Australian aboriginal art, as well as the art form that has emerged since Europeans settled here in the 19th century. Other sections are sections of Asian, European and contemporary art. The Asian section includes paintings and sculptures from Southeast Asia and East Asia. The European section presents paintings from the 15th to the 20th century. Edwardian and Victorian paintings are also present here.  We also recommend Fraser Suites Sydney for accommodation in the CBD.…

Funds under management – Cleantech Australia Fund

Cleantech Ventures’ “Cleantech Australia Fund” is a $50 million venture capital fund which had its first close in September 2007.

The current fund is made up of $20 million provided through the Australian government’s Innovation Investment Fund (IIF) program and $30 million from VicSuper, a superannuation fund committed to sustainability.

The Hon Ian Macfarlane MP, Minister for Industry, Tourism and Resources announced the closing of the fund on 11 October 2007.

The Cleantech Australia Fund focuses on investments in eligible companies that are commercialising clean technologies; those which generate superior commercial benefits to customers whilst simultaneously addressing significant environmental concerns such as climate change, water scarcity, water quality and resource constraints.

International investment in the cleantech sector has grown significantly in recent years and the Cleantech Australia Fund will leverage Australia’s strong innovation and R&D skill base. The fund will focus mainly on investments in expansion stage companies that are addressing local and international markets. A proportion of the fund will also be directed to seed stage investments.

Companies seeking investment funds for the development and commercialisation of clean technologies are invited to submit a detailed business plan or information memorandum.…

Turning Green into Gold

Cleantech Ventures and Cleantech Network LLC (USA) have co-authored a benchmark report representing the first-ever comprehensive analysis of cleantech venture capital, buyouts, merger and acquisition and IPO activity in Australia.

Cleantech Ventures is a specialist venture capital fund manager focused on investments in companies developing clean technologies.

Cleantech, or Clean Technologies, are technologies which generate superior commercial benefits to customers whilst simultaneously addressing significant environmental concerns such as global warming, water scarcity, water quality and waste. These technologies include renewable energy, energy storage, biofuels, cleaner fossil fuel processes, water purification and waste water treatment, recycling, energy efficiency, pollution reduction and advanced materials (including nanotechnologies).

Clean technologies are emerging as the enablers of the modern industrial society, the next and necessary wave of venture innovation in a natural resource constrained world. While the environmental benefits of clean technologies can be significant, the primary drivers for investments in them are the commercial advantages offered by the technologies to underpin their successful commercialisation and quality returns for investors.

Australia has a strong technology and R&D skills base through universities, CSIRO, Co-operative Research Centres and industry and is recognised globally as being a centre for innovation, punching well above its weight on the world stage. Significant opportunities exist for new technologies that provide solutions to the worldwide structural changes that are under way to address global warming, water scarcity, water quality, waste and pollution.…