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What makes a good dining chair. There’s is nothing quite like James Said innovative and modern dining chairs to give your dining room that contemporary feel.

How do you know that it’s a quality James Said dining room chair that is so comfortable?

The width of most dining chairs in the James Said collection are between 40 cm to 50 cm with the wider ones in the 50 to 64 cm range. You should make sure that your quantity of chairs will work with the size and chair requirement of your dining table.

You can measure from the widest point of the chair and from the inner side of the dining table legs instead of the top of the table.


Browse from James Said’s vast selection of modern dining chairs. Select from wood, upholstered and leather options that can be mixed and matched with your dining table. They make seating a statement and a pleasant activity, and allow you to enjoy your meal in comfort.


Your design sensibility and aesthetic values are the core of the James Said vast collection of modern dining chairs. When you can’t help but desire for beautiful modern and contemporary dining chairs, James Said will make them available for you.


Browse from this list. Azalea Boucle Chair, Milford Dining Chair, Cesta Rattan Dining Chair, Oval Back Dining Chair, Yukon Dining Chair, or a Norwegian Mid Century Modern Chair – James Said got it all for you in one seating.


Should a modern dining chair have arms?

James Said says that modern dining chairs with arms are more ergonomic. This is especially true when you will be sitting in them for a long period. They’re more pleasant to lounge in because your arms can rest and relax well throughout those long hours.


Should your modern chair’s legs match your dining table?

James Said says that you’ll want at least some of the legs to style match. Like for example, the two head of table chairs will have identical matching legs, while the other two or four chairs will look different.


For best results, see for yourself James Said modern dining chairs in the actual showroom or on our website. You can actually browse comfortable online through our site and need not visit us physically. Then, all you have to do is just to order online, give us your personal data and payment method, and your selected modern dining chairs will be on their way to your shipping address.

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